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DPS: A Place for Everyone!

What kind of person fits in well at Durham Public Schools?  Anyone!  Durham is a unique school district in that we have schools that cater to all student populations.


Have an interest in the arts?  Teach at Durham School of the Arts!  Is working with technology more of your passion?  Try your hand at Hillside New Tech or Southern School of Engineering!  We understand that just as every child has different learning methods, every teacher has a unique set of gifts and passions.  Most importantly, we have a Superintendent who values engaging and innovative teaching.


The 33,000 students of Durham Public Schools offer the most compelling reason to work in DPS.  The demographic profile of the students is exceptionally diverse.  There are over fifty native languages spoken by the students.  The full socio-economic spectrum is seen in the student population.  The achievement level of the students ranges from those who are struggling to meet state proficiency standards to those who are well-above grade level and challenged by the district’s AIG, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs.


DPS attracts employees from all kinds of backgrounds, from brand new teachers to Teach for America participants to longtime teaching veterans.  Durham Public Schools really does have a place for everyone, no matter what your teaching passion is!  We can’t wait for you to join our dynamic team!


Take a look at our school profiles and virtual tours to gain an understanding of the diversity within the Durham Public Schools District.