Popular Links


Crayons 2 Calculators

This organization started through a partnership between Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill students.  A few times a year, Crayons 2 Calculators operates a store for teachers to pick out various school supplies – for free.  Teachers can “spend” a certain amount of money on supplies that they otherwise would either pay for personally or have to teach without.


Futures for Kids

This online initiative links business representatives who sign up to be Career Coaches with students who are interested in these careers.


Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

The Talent and Workforce Development area at the Chamber coordinates numerous school/business partnership efforts, including the Middle School Career Expo, Educators in the Workplace and other efforts.


Triangle United Way

Triangle United Way seeks to assist community members through partnerships with local businesses and organizations.


Donors Choose

This program allows teachers to post specific projects that need funding.  Potential donors can choose the project of their liking as well as choose an amount to donate.  Also, one can search the listings for schools located in a specific community.


CIS (Communities in Schools)

The goal of this organization is to help Durham Public Schools reduce the annual dropout rate.  CIS pulls together mentors, speakers, supply drives, and many other elements to achieve this goal.


Scholarship Foundation

The Durham Public School Scholarship Foundation provides multiple scholarship opportunities for students in the district.  The foundation awards at least one scholarship to a graduating senior at every traditional high school in the Durham Public Schools network.