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Categories of Donations

Your contributions are so very important to us.  We appreciate your support and generosity.  Listed below are some categories that donations typically fall into.  With all donations, it is expected that the condition of the item will not result in costs of time and money that will exceed the usefulness of the gift.  In addition, Durham Public Schools accepts donations as the need calls for it.  There may be some situations when a donation is not practical for our schools, in which case another organization may be a better recipient. 

Categories of donations include:

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are frequently donated to Durham Public Schools.  When it comes to large instruments, such as pianos, Durham Public Schools may not always be able to provide transportation cost or labor. 

Office Supplies

This includes anything from pens to binders to paper. 

Furniture and Storage Items

Storage items such as file cabinets are usually in more demand than furniture.  These donations in particular are accepted on an “as needed” basis due to the high cost in transportation and storage.

Classroom Needs

Individual classrooms have needs that range from backpacks to hand sanitizer.  At the beginning of the school year, look for supply lists issued by schools for ideas of needs.  For more information about specific needs, visit Donor’s Choose or Crayons 2 Calculators. 

Speaker Requests

Frequently, Durham Public Schools requests speakers from the professional world to share with either students or faculty and staff.  Providing insights or even just giving time for a question and answer session can prove invaluable to the school district.