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About Business Opportunities at DPS

GSK DayBusiness Support serves as a link between schools and the community. It provides a means for Durham Public Schools to share needs and then for businesses to have the opportunity to invest in public education in tangible ways.


Business Advisory Council Superintendent’s Business Advisory Council

The Superintendent’s Business Advisory Council was formed in 2006.  The goal of this council is to facilitate partnerships between local businesses and the school district.     Read More...

Business DonationsCategories of Donations

With all donations, it is expected that the condition of the item will not result in costs of time and money that will exceed the usefulness of the gift.  In addition, Durham Public Schools accepts donations as the need calls for it.  There may be some situations when a donation is not practical for our schools, in which case another organization may be a better recipient.    Read More..


There are many ways to invest in Durham Public Schools, and providing scholarships for our students is an easy and impactful way to get involved.   Read More..


DPS has an active PTA that frequently works with local businesses to raise money for schools.    Read More..


A list of resources and organizations to help facilitate your involvement with DPS business partnerships.

Read More..