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Federal Requirements

The Federal Government monitors all Title I schools’ progress using their testing scores or Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). In North Carolina, AYP is determined by students’ scores on the End of Grade (EOGs) Tests. If schools do not make AYP, the government imposes sanctions on the school designed to improve student achievement and bring about  AYP in subsequent years. Under Federal law, districts and schools must measure overall school improvement in addition to how particular subgroups (African America, Hispanic, Caucasian, Students with Disabilities, Limited English Proficiency, etc) are performing.

Below are some frequently asked questions about AYP.

What happens to Title I Schools that do not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)?

Title I schools not making AYP in the same subject (reading and/or math) for two years in a row are identified for Title I School Improvement. Starting in the first year, schools in Title I School Improvement must provide students with public school choice (link to SES/Choice page). Schools must also submit a program improvement plan that specifically spells out what the schools plans to do to raise student achievement in reading and/or math. In the second year of Title I School Improvement schools must offer tutoring services to economically disadvantaged students who choose not to transfer. These special services, known as Supplemental Education Services (SES), are offered in addition to the choice option. In the third year of Title I School Improvement, schools must take corrective actions, such as replacing school staff, implementing new curriculum, or changing the school’s internal organization while continuing to offer choice and SES. In the fourth year of Title I School Improvement, schools must plan for restructuring. Schools in the fifth year of Title I School Improvement must implement the restructuring plan. If a school does not receive Title I finds, it is not required to implement these required sanctions. The school will still receive an AYP report and is required to share this report with parents. 

What happens if a district does not make Adequate Yearly Progress?

For the district, AYP is determined through the results of academic achievement in each of the school buildings. The results are combined to make one district AYP report. When a district does not make AYP for two consecutive years, the following sanctions are in place:

  • The state must notify the parents of all students enrolled in the school district that the district did not make AYP and the reasons for this identification.
  • The district must develop, review, or modify a program improvement plan to raise academic achievement. The plan is then submitted to the state’s Title I office. Parents, staff, and district office must consult on this plan.
  • The district will reserve 10 percent of its Title I, Part A funds for high quality professional development that is designed to improve student achievement.
  • As a district continues to be in improvement, sanctions can include corrective action and alternative governance.

How do I know my school or district’s AYP status?

All school and district AYP progress reports are available at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website at www.ncpublicschools.org