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3305.1                    Current Enrollment

To meet the academic needs of high school students, principals are encouraged to permit students to take college courses while they are enrolled in high school.


With the principal’s approval, credit toward graduation may be awarded for college courses completed.


Students taking courses from colleges under the concurrent enrollment plan may not take courses from the college that are offered in the high schools.  All students who wish to receive concurrent enrollment, must get permission from the principal before registering for their college classes.

Policy 3305.2         Advanced Placement Courses

The Board of Education encourages the inclusion of advanced placement courses in the high school curriculum. Students who take these courses are expected to take the appropriate Advanced Placement examinations.

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Adopted Effective: July 29, 1992
Revised: June 28, 1995
Revised Effective: July 1, 1999

Revised Effective:  April 25, 2013