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The Superintendent is responsible for maintaining full and accurate minutes of all Board meetings, including closed sessions.


At a minimum, the minutes of open sessions shall contain a record of all action taken, including the members making and seconding the motion and, in the case of a split vote, the members voting for or against the motion.


When the Board meets in closed session, it shall keep a general account of the closed session so that a person not in attendance would have a reasonable understanding of what transpired. The minutes of closed sessions may be withheld from public inspection so long as disclosing the minutes would frustrate the purpose of the closed session.


Upon transcription and adoption, the minutes of open sessions will be kept in an official minute book and shall be available for public inspection at all reasonable times.

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Legal Reference: G.S.115C-4;
Legal Reference: G.S.143, art. 33C
Adopted Effective: July 2, 1992
Revised Effective: July 1, 1999