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Design for Accelerated Progress

DAP logoDurham Public Schools is making progress in many areas.  However, the rate of progress is not fast enough and too many students are not achieving at the highest levels.  DPS was one of three school districts across the state that was called before Judge Howard Manning, of the Leandro lawsuit, to inform him of the immediate steps we are taking to improve our schools.

There is a sense of urgency in our schools and throughout the district and community to accelerate student performance. Judge Manning’s call to action is not something new—our district has been about change but we must accelerate the rate of progress.

In order to make that happen, we must have significantly higher expectations.  Meeting these expectations will be difficult, and there will be tough decisions to make, but we must make them in the effort to increase student achievement.  There are no excuses, and this will be a catalyst for change.

The improvements in our schools must involve the engagement of all stakeholders in our schools and community, from teachers to support staff to parents.  It also will involve a reorganization of staff at every level, from individual schools to Central Services.

We will work within a new accelerated plan, the Design for Accelerated Progress (DAP).  This is a new model which consolidates our former six-tiers of support into three tiers.

More details about this plan will be worked out in the coming weeks.  Teachers and principals and other stakeholders will be involved in developing the details as much as possible.  We all must be involved in change to accelerate progress.