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Access Student Records Requests Online

For a copy of a transcript or a copy of a student's record, please click the link above (If you are over the age of 18, please continue the process; if you  are not 18, your parent or legal guardian must complete the form for you).  *Please note, middle (with the exception of DSA) and elementary students will contact the school directly at this time.  Also, for current students or those who graduated in the last 2 years, the form itself will not charge, but some High Schools may charge.  They will reply in an email with processing comments to let the requester know.

  • **For Immigration Documentation, please note in the comment section of the request form exactly what you are requesting and why.  (Example:  Verification of Attendance for Middle and Elementary School for immigration status.)
  • *** Faxed copies: Please specify to fax in the comment box; if the request needs mailed and faxed, please request 2 copies and note in the comment box to fax a copy. 
  • **Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.  Customers will receive emails from the site with comments.  The email address is the one provided on the form.  If you are not seeing these emails, please check the SPAM folder. 
  • *** Copies of diplomas are not archived; therefore we are unable to provide duplication.

    Records for Current Students

    1. Records for a student who completed elementary or middle school will be transferred to the assigned middle or high school during the summer. For students who have transferred OUT of Durham Public Schools, records will only remain at those assigned schools for the first 20 days after the start of school. After the 20 day mark, all NO SHOW Records are returned to the previous school of record. Call the Records Center at 919-560-3707 if you have trouble locating these records.
    2. Records for elementary and middle school students who withdraw from the Durham Public Schools during the school year are held at the last school of record. Continue to address requests for those records to the former school and they’ll fax your request to the Records Center if the record has already been transferred.

      For Driver Education Records, contact David Roberson, 919.560-3702

      School records pave the way!

    1. The first and most important record in the student’s cumulative education record is the Student Data Sheet that parents complete when students enroll in Durham Public Schools. Your current phone numbers are critical to help us reach you in an emergency. We want to stay in touch with you about your child’s school experience, too. Fax or send an updated Student Data Sheet to your school if phone numbers, addresses, or emergency contacts have changed. Please complete the entire form with signature and date included.
    2. Review your high school transcript BEFORE you graduate (and soon thereafter) to be sure that it shows ALL of the courses and credits that you earned. Be sure that the ACTUAL DATE of graduation appears. It should include your test scores and COMPLETE immunization record too. That will be especially important if you’re heading to college or to work in a health services environment!

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