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Working in North Carolina Public Schools – A Look at Employees Benefits –This booklet summarizes benefits generally available to state paid  public schools employees.



2014 Benefits

The following information is brought to you by our Benefits Department. There will be two benefit enrollment periods this October:

  • Below you will find information about State Health Plan enrollment which takes place October 1-31.
  • You will also soon receive information about the Mark III cafeteria benefits enrollment period (vision, dental, flexible spending, and so on). That separate enrollment period will be October 7-25.



    New Benefits Enrollment System

    The Durham Public Schools Human Resource Services/Benefits Department, in partnership with the State Health Plan, is implementing a new benefits enrollment system.  This new system replaces the paper forms used in the past and is accessible from any computer with Internet access. You will have access 24/7 to view your current benefit information, get information on benefit offerings, view information on different benefit topics, enroll, and make changes to your benefits.

    How to enroll or make changes online?

    • Go to https://dpsnc.hrintouch.com and click on Login
    • Enter the following information:
      • Login ID: Your first name, the first initial of your last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number
      • Initial password: your social security number without spaces or dashes
        Example for employee John Doe with SSN 111-22-3333:
        Login ID is JohnD3333 and Password is 111223333
      • Once you are logged in, simply follow the step by step instructions to enroll or make changes to your benefits.  You can also view the instructions for Completing Your Benefit Enrollment Online at http://statehealthplan.state.nc.us/library/pdf/ebenefitsnow-enrollment-inst.pdf for detailed information on how to enroll or make changes.

    If you have questions, please contact the Durham Public Schools Human Resource Services/Benefits office at 560-3643.

    Benefits Available to DPS Employees


    Annual Leave (Vacation):

    Employees earn annual leave (vacation) on a graduated scale, based upon total State of N.C. service.  Annual leave (vacation) includes scheduled and unscheduled leave days.  All unscheduled leave (vacation) must be approved by the immediate supervisor.

    Comprehensive Health Insurance:

    Individual coverage for the State Health Plan is available with premiums paid by the employer.  Optional premiums to cover spouse and/or children are available at an additional cost.

    Credit Union:

    Full-time employees may apply directly to the N.C. State Employees Credit Union.  Payroll deductions for savings or loans are available.

    Dental Insurance:

    Permanent full-time employees may enroll for individual and dependent coverage for an additional cost.

    Direct Deposit:

    Option to have payroll check deposited directly into employee’s banking institution.

    Disability Income:

    Comprehensive short-term and long-term disability income plans are provided at the employer’s expense for permanent employees who are members of the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System and meet certain service requirements.

    Employee Assistance Program:

    Counseling for up to five (5) free sessions is available to employees and their immediate family members through a confidential provider.

    Flexible Benefits Plan:

    Offered annually during open annual enrollment. Provides opportunity for eligible employees to have certain benefits deducted from their gross pay before taxes, thus reducing their taxable income.  Current plans include dental insurance, vision insurance, cancer/intensive care insurance, supplemental disability insurance, and reimbursement accounts for dependent care and medical expenses.


    Scheduled each calendar year for permanent full-time and part-time employees.

    Insurance Death Benefit:

    After one year of contributions to the retirement system, death benefits to beneficiary equaling annual salary (minimum of $25,000, maximum of $50,000).  Employee must have been paid salary within the last 180 days for beneficiary to be eligible to receive year’s salary.

    Leave of Absence Without Pay:

    Educational (certified only), medical, military, family medical, and parental leave (for birth, adoption or placement of a foster child), or any other reasons approved by the Superintendent and Board Education may be granted to permanent full-time and part-time employees.

    Longevity Pay:

    Certified teachers and classified employees with at least (10) years of state service earn longevity on a graduated scale, based on N.C. State Service.  Longevity is paid annually on the last working day of the employee’s anniversary month.  Upon separation, for any reason, longevity is paid on a prorated basis.


    Mandatory 6% employee contribution is matched by an employer contribution as dictated by the North Carolina State Retirement System.  Refund of employee’s contribution or a direct roll over to an IRA is available upon separation prior to retirement.  Employees become vested after five (5) years of contributory service.

    Savings Bonds:

    Purchase is available through payroll deduction.

    Sick Leave:

    Permanent full-time employees earn one day per month employed.  This leave may be used for personal illness, injury, temporary disability, illness or death in the immediate family, or employee medical appointments.

    Supplemental Retirement Income of NC 401(k) Plan:

    State sponsored 401(k) Plan is available through payroll deduction.

    Tax Deferred Annuity:

    403(b) programs are available through companies chosen by the employee from an approved list for payroll deduction.

    Term Life Insurance:

    Basic life insurance of $1,000 is provided with the premium paid by the employer.  Optional and dependent coverage are available at minimal cost.

    Twelve (12) Month Pay Option:

    Salaried employees who work less than 12 months may select the 12-month pay option, provided they are in pay status as of the first scheduled day for teachers.

    *Unemployment Insurance:

    Eligibility and benefit amounts are determined individually, based on a percentage of yearly earnings, up to the allowable maximum.

    Vision Insurance:

    Permanent full time employees may enroll for individual and dependent coverage for an additional cost.

    Workers’ Compensation:

    Employees are entitled to benefits if, while carrying out activities for the benefit of their employer, they suffer an injury by accident, a “specific traumatic incident,” resulting in a hernia or back injury, or an “occupational disease.” All on the job injuries must be reported to the school treasurer/supervisor immediately so that appropriate forms are completed.  Durham Public Schools has two designated medical facilities for all on the job injuries.  Those facilities are Duke Urgent Care (Hillandale Rd and Fayetteville Rd), and Concentra Medical Center (Miami Blvd.)


    Extended Sick Leave:

    Up to twenty (20) days extended sick leave per year for personal illness after accumulated sick leave is exhausted.  A substitute deduction will be made.

    Personal Leave:

    Two (2) days are earned per year, with up to five (5) days total accumulated.  A substitute deduction will be made.


    • Direct Deposit
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Health Insurance (with employee paying total premium)
    • Leave of Absence Without Pay
    • Longevity Pay
    • Prorated Sick Leave and Annual Leave (Vacation)
    • Savings Bonds
    • Tax Deferred Annuities:  403(b) programs available through companies approved by the Board of Education

    *Available to all employees, regardless of hours worked or contract status

    Link to Mark III Benefits Brokerage