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Construction & Capital Planning

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Construction & Capital PlanningThe Construction and Capital Planning Department oversees the construction and renovation of Durham Public Schools' K-12 and Central Office facilities, as well as the acquisition of new property. This includes planning, designing, bidding and managing construction and budgets through Bond Referendums and other sources.


Construction & Capital Planning Office
Evia L. Nelson, Executive Director
2011 Hamlin Road
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 560-9410  Fax: (919) 560-9119

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Construction and Capital Planning Contacts

Tim Carr - 919-560-9407
Program Director

Fredrick Davis-II - 919-560-2504
Project Manager

Christina Grimes - 919-560-2533
Project Manager

Mark Roe - 919-560-9408
Sr. Project Manager

Mark Vick - 919-560-9414

Space Planner

Leisa Wilson - 919-560-9416
Project Manager

Tonya Mitchell - 919-560-2216
Administrative Assistant