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This is a quick glance at what's been recently posted on our webpage.  These items are also listed under the Quick Links section at the bottom of this page for your convenience.


  • Free/Reduced Lunch Statistics by School for 2013-14

  • A-Z Carbohydrates List

  • Allergen Fact Sheets - The United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service has been working in cooperation with the National Food Service Management Institute in Oxford, MS., to create a series of fact sheets that provide an overview of food allergies, the top 8 food allergies, how to manage food allergies, and common questions regarding food allergies in child nutrition programs. These fact sheets were designed with school nutrition and child care/summer as the primary audiences, but could be used in most any setting where guidance is being offered about food allergies.

    About Child Nutrition Services

    The Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department operates the food service programs for all Durham Public Schools (DPS). The program is run by approximately 250 employees.  Our staff participates in regularly scheduled professional development workshops.



    CNS is a non-profit and self-supporting business operating on a $14 million budget. All purchases of food, equipment, vehicles, salaries, and benefits are covered by revenue generated within the department. Money received from the federal government is based on the number of reimbursable meals served and is monitored through routine audits.


    In accordance with our mission, CNS offers quality meals to more than 32,000 students daily.  We served over 1 million breakfass and well over 3 million lunches last year.  This was accomplished by participating in various federal and State subsidized programs. As you browse our website you will find information on a number of services we provide through these programs.  We hope you find the information to be useful!


    Quick Links


  • A-Z Carbohydrates List
  • Allergen Fact Sheets
  • Hot Off the Grill - In the news!
  • Menus and Meal Prices
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • CNS Wellness Plan 2013-14
  • CNS Program At-A-Glance
  • Contact Information
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Statistics
  • Nutritional Quick Links
  • Privacy Act & Non-Discrimination Statement
  • Modified Diets/Medical Statement
  • NC Nutrition Standards for Elementary Schools
  • School Cafeteria Sanitation Ratings
  • Monthly Newsletters