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FY 2011-12 Budget Page


Durham Public Schools wants to ensure that we are providing the most up-to-date information about the budget process.  We began preparation for the 2011-12 budget in October and like other school districts in North Carolina, DPS is gearing up to face another challenging budget year.  It is my goal to protect the classroom and keep with our mission of providing a high-quality education for all of our students. This Web page will be useful to you as we continue through the budget adoption process.  Please check this site often as information will be updated throughout the budget season.

Eric J. Becoats



2011-12 Budget Materials

**NEW** School Level Allocations and Formulas

Handouts on FY 2011-12 Formulas:

Board of Education Request for County Funding (5/13/11)

Budget Preparation

Elected Officials

Board of Education

County Commissioners

State Legislators

Background Materials

2010-11 Board of Education Budget Proposal (5/14/10)

  • Part 1 - Overview, Goals & Objectives, State of the System (985K)
  • Part 2 - Resource Efficiencies, 09-10 Budget Review, Budget Outlook 2010-11, Program Area Funding (547K)
  • Part 3 - Program Report Code Budgets (1399K)

2010 Annual Financial Report

County Funding Analysis

Budget Meetings

All meeting times are 4:30 – 6 pm; Fuller Bldg., Room 307 unless noted