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March 28, 2013 – In consultation with the business leaders, educators and volunteers on our Budget Advisory Committee, Durham Public Schools staff members are working to finalize a Priority-Driven Budget for the 2013-14 school year. This is an extremely challenging year, as enrollment growth and inflation combine with proposed state funding cuts and federal reductions (“sequestration”) to limit our flexibility.


The DPS Strategic Plan guides our budgetary decisions.  The budget will focus on sustaining current operations and programs and moving forward with the implementation of the strategic plan. We havre curtailed spending on non-essential expenditures, frozen central services spending, and are working to maintain levels of staffing to support schools.


The Governor’s budget, submitted to the General Assembly on March 20, would increase employee salaries by one percent while eliminating state funding for 80 teacher assistant positions (almost $2.5 million). Our staff is exploring whether sufficient cuts in other areas of our budget may be made to preserve those positions, although at the cost of other services. Your feedback can help: visit our FY 2013-14 Budget Page and share your suggestions with us.



March 28, 2013 Projections



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2013-14 projections based on Governor's budget (PDF 2-pager, suitable for printing front/back)


Superintendent’s Letter to North Carolina Legislators


Durham Public Schools Board of Education’s resolution Opposing the 2013-15 State Education Budget


How Your Schools are Funded

Durham Public Schools is funded by a combination of state, local and federal sources. Federal funding largely comes from grants for specific purposes such as Title I support for schools with high poverty and fostering magnet programs.


State funding is the “baseline” support for all North Carolina schools. Much of it is formula driven: how many students are enrolled, how many miles buses must drive, and so on. The Governor submitted a budget to the General Assembly on March 20. Legislators in the General Assembly will adopt a final budget in the coming months. In recent years, state public education budgets have included a “discretionary reduction” which essentially means that school districts must give a portion of the money allocated to them back to the state, but may choose where to make those additional cuts.


This leaves local funding, which includes an allocation by the Durham County Board of Commissioners. Local funding gives DPS the greatest flexibility to address needs unique to our schools and students. Recently, Durham County citizens authorized a 1/4-cent sales tax increase to provide additional revenue to our schools. However, the ability for local funding sources to overcome state budget cuts is limited.


The Superintendent will present his Priority-Driven Budget to the DPS Board of Education on Thursday, April 25. The school board will hold a public hearing and work session on the budget, then they are scheduled to adopt a budget request on May 13. This will include a request for funding by the county commissioners and the most up-to-date information available about the state budget.


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