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Board Standing Committees

About the Committees

Beginning in 2004, the Board of Education established three Standing Committees to facilitate its work. These committees consider, discuss and investigate issues that may need extensive deliberations prior to consideration by the entire Board.

Standing Committees are: Administrative Services, Instructional Services and Support Services. These committees are made up of Board members only. They make recommendations to the Board when at least a majority of the members determines that an item should go forward.

  • The chairperson, vice chairperson and members of the committees are named by the Board Chairperson.  For the 2013-14 school year:

Instructional Services

    • Nancy Cox – Chair
    • Minnie Forte-Brown – Vice Chair

Administrative Services

    • Natalie Beyer – Chair
    • Pastor Fredrick Davis – Vice Chair

Support Services

    • Omega Curtis Parker – Chair
    • Leigh Bordley – Vice Chair
  • The Superintendent and the Board Chairperson are ex officio members of all committees.
  • Committees may not act on behalf of the Board. Their role is to make recommendations to the Board.
  • Temporary committees may be formed for specific duties and may include persons who are not members of the Board.

Board Policies